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*Conditions apply.

*Conditions apply.

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Your NBN at home.

Take advantage of 1Tb of monthly data on an NBN Residential plan with download speeds of up to 100mbps.

NBN for business.

Take advantage of 1Tb of monthly data on all NBN business plans with download speeds of up to 100mbps.

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  • per month with 1 Tb of data. All plans include a Static IP.
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    If you have your own router, no problem, if not, we can provide one for you. Price is a one off charge and includes GST and delivery.

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If you’re in a new development and not already connected to the NBN a $300 NBN Co New Development Charge may apply.

Peak Connect is YOUR local alternative to the large telcos.

Our mission statement says it all: “To provide an alternative to the large telco’s, focusing on excellent customer service and support for our clients from our experienced local staff. We specialize in introducing new technologies to improve the productivity and profit of our customers.”

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