Which NBN speed is right for you?

Unsure of what NBN speed is right for you?
Here you can find which NBN speed is ideal and what to expect from your NBN speed.

Peak Light
  • Small households
  • Light use of browsing the web, email, and social media
Download Speed: 12Mbps
Upload Speed: 1Mbps
Peak Standard
  • Medium households with 1-3 people – speed depends on the number of people accessing the internet at the same time
  • Streaming HD videos such as Netflix and YouTube
Download Speed: 25Mbps
Upload Speed: 5Mbps
Peak Fast
  • Large households with multiple online users streaming HD videos, playing online games, web browsing simultaneously
Download Speed: 50Mbps
Upload Speed: 20Mbps
Peak Plus
  • Large, busy households or small businesses
  • Multiple people online at the same time
  • Downloading HD videos in minutes
  • Data backups
Download Speed: 100Mbps
Upload Speed: 40Mbps

*Typical evening speeds