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What is Fibre to the Node?

It is a new way of providing very fast broadband by running fibre to a neighbourhood node/pillar and from there using the existing copper network to connect to the premises. It can be faster to deploy because there is no need to replace the entire connection from the exchange to the home or business.

What is Fibre To The Premise?

All types of nbn network connections that utilize a physical line running to the premises are considered fixed line connections. An nbn Fibre to the Premises connection (FTTP) is used in circumstances where an optic fibre line will be run from the nearest available fibre node, to your premises. FTTP also requires an nbn network device to be installed inside your home. This device requires power to operate and can only be installed by an approved nbn Installer or service provider.

What is Fixed Wireless NBN?

Fixed wireless connection is typically used in circumstances where the distance between premises can be many kilometers. In this circumstance data travels from a transmission tower located as much as 14kms from a premises to a rooftop antenna on your premise that has been fitted by an approved nbn Installer. Fixed wireless connections also require an nbn network device (which is a small box on the wall, approximately 220mm by 127mm)  to be installed at the point where the cable from the roof antenna enters your home. This device requires power to operate, and can only be installed by an approved nbn Installer or service provider.


Check out some of the locations that already have NBN. Call us to check if its available in your area or when it’s coming…

Around Blayney, Orange, Carcoar, Neville, Mandurama, Lyndhurst, Canowindra, Gooloogong, Eugowra, Cowra, Koorawatha plus Forrest Reefs, Spring Hill, Nashdale, Cudal, Cargo,  Eglinton, Raglan, Oberon, Perthville, Brewongle and Yetholme areas. At this stage Bathurst is due for Fibre To The Node between March and July 2017. We can help you with questions, pricing, installation and connection to your computer and we are local in Bathurst, here to help you.  If you are in a rural area and paying for a fixed line for your phone calls and mobile broadband, you may find NBN Fixed Wireless Cheaper.

NBN Pricing

  • For BOTH Residential and Business
  • Fibre To The Node, Fixed Wireless and Fibre To The Premise
  • All pricing includes GST
  • All plans includes Static IP and 1 Terabyte of Data

12/1M Plan

12 Megabits per second download 1 Megabit per second upload Monthly bandwidth / Price


25/5M Plan

25 Megabits per second download 5 Megabits per second upload. Monthly bandwidth / Price


50/20M Plan

50 Megabits per second download 20 Megabits per second upload. Monthly bandwidth / Price


100/40M Plan

100 Megabits per second download 40 Megabits per second upload. Monthly bandwidth / Price


If you would like one on one service by a real person instead of a call centre call us today and we can discuss what is involved in getting NBN at your location.

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